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Agriculture contributes some 14% of all human caused greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from the production and use of synthetic fertilisers and from livestock. Industrial agriculture relies on monocultures that destroy biodiversity, making crops more susceptible to pest infestations and in turn increasing the need for toxic pesticides. The lack of diversity in a monoculture (at […]

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A noi piacciono le cose semplici, i volumi puri. Consideriamo l’arte unostile di vita, non una decorazione. Gillier e Bnstrm sono rispettivamente il fondatoree il direttore creativo di Zadig Voltaire, marchio di abbigliamento che ha fatto delcachemire un materiale di tendenza provocando l’establishment della moda con la formula’rock chic’.. Gli attacchi alle politiche di Youtube […]

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Leicester and Chelsea were about collective organisation and a very solid defensive shape, whereas Liverpool’s defensive approach depends more upon pressing: there’s probably been less than usual this season, but it’s still a factor. And therefore, while Chelsea players’ approach without possession involved shifting a few yards either side as a unit while waiting for […]